BBC chief to staff: Stop tweeting our troubles

BBC chief to staff: Stop tweeting our troubles.
Just read this article and wondered why they would be told to stop tweeting. Part of the reason we tweet or use social media is to create or report news, whether it is bad or good or a promotion or not. Sometimes the news can be really bad or good. Bad can be good. It can create the buzz for a company. The key would be how you recover the bad into good…


Social media effectiveness


I have been asked by my clients, how can we measure the effectiveness of social media. They want to know is it worth it to pay for social media optimization. Some believe it is a waste of time and hope that it is a fad that will eventually disappear. Others think it is a way to create an image that their company is in trend so they do have Facebook and tweet but not sure it does anything. We measure our SMO efforts through google analytics and a report we send out showing where, quantity and for how long people visited their sites. A company can tell the effectiveness by the increase in traffic to their site. One thing, however, we cannot measure is the conversion rate to buyers since that is up to the business itself. We can attract the fans but it is up to the business to “sell” their products. Thus content is just as important as bringing a customer to your site. So, what are your thoughts on this?


Facebook a good stock?

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc’s shares headed towards their biggest one-day jump on Wednesday after the company reported a surprising rise in mobile advertising, easing concerns it was having trouble capitalizing on soaring use of smartphones and tablets.

Today’s headlines says that Facebook’s shares had their biggest jump to this day! Does this mean Facebook is a buy?

Are purchase decisions influenced by social media?

A report released by Forrester says that only 1% of purchases are made from social media. It says that most of them are made through email campaigns. However, most of those purchase could not be traced back to the social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, skype, etc. It states:

“Social media’s potential as a shopping portal has yet to be realized. Less than 1% of transactions from both new and repeat shoppers could be linked to social networks, Forrester found. That said, the researcher believes social media can still be a powerful marketing tool, and that social media’s influence on purchase behavior likely can’t be measured in the 30-day attribution window the report examined. Forrester also asserts that social media is a bigger sales driver for small businesses, which were not included in the study.”

We are constantly posting on business’ social sites and we see the conversations going on and SMO does influence people’s purchases. Whether it is from the store’s promotion online or their customers commenting on their product, people will make a purchase. Who hasn’t turned to Yelp or Tripadvisor to make a decision on where or what to buy?


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how important is it

Social media has become a major tool for marketing your business. Not only do you need a website, but social sites are just as important, if not more important than your website itself. More and more people are turning to social sites for advice and reviews. It is a good way for a business to communicate to their current customers and to get new ones. It is real time and can reach customers globally. Look at Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. The key is also managing them properly which can be another monster in itself.